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Directly print NetSuite Transactions and File Cabinet Documents through the Cloud
No more need of downloading PDF files and having a printer connected to the PC
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What is ketka Cloud Print for NetSuite?

  • 1A tool for one-click or automated printing of NetSuite records and files, covering common printing processes
  • 2A SuiteScript API for integrating the Cloud printing functionalities within your custom processes
Directly print NetSuite Transactions and File Cabinet Documents through the Cloud, without any PDF in the way
Automate print jobs within your own scripts and workflows, with the Cloud Printing API
Connect to any kind of printer, across any location, no need to have a direct connection between printers and users' devices
Manually or Automatically Print single Transactions and Files
Manually or Automatically Mass Print Transactions and Files
Monitor the status of any print request, troubleshoot issues from within NetSuite

Sneak peek

Intuitive UI, appearance and behaviour easily configurable per user / role.
Deep customizations possibility in order to maximize operativity. Printing multiple documents at once.
Manual mass printing using standard saved searches and complete permissions configuration per user / role.
Batch printing through standard scheduled scripts and easy configuration.
Complete control on print jobs, users, printers, documents, remote jobs information.
Native integration in dashboard reminders and views, easy configuration per user / role.

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